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Temperature Regulation in Humans and Other Mammals

How do mammals manage to maintain their body temperature within the same narrow and hot deserts? This advanced text describes the morphological features and physiological mechanisms by which humans and othermammals maintain their body temperature within a narrow range despite large variations in climatic conditions and internal heat production. Its 19 chapters deal with the physics of heat exchange with the environment, and the autonomic and behavioural mechanisms available to control the loss and production of heat. The neuronal basis of temperature regulation and current concepts of the central nervous interface between temperature signals generated in the body and control mechanisms are examined in detail. This book is of invaluable help for undergraduates, postgraduates, teachers, physicians and scientists.



ISBN 9783540412342
AUTEUR Claus Jessen
FICHIER Temperature Regulation in Humans and Other Mammals.pdf
DATE 06/05/2020

Animals that do not have internal control of their body temperature are called ... Humans retain this reaction, which does not have the intended effect on our ... it prevents the cold venous blood from cooling the heart and other internal organs. ... Figure 11.2 The body is able to regulate temperature in response to signals from ... The human organism consists of trillions of cells working together for the maintenance ... Animals use different modes of thermoregulation processes to maintain ...