With Assimil, learning French has never been so accessible : its method of intuitive assimilation has allowed millions of users to learn a new language. Whether youre a total beginner or just want to brush up on your French, the 113 lessons with their lively dialogues, simple notes and practical exercises will allow you to soak up the language naturally and progressively. By studying 30-40 minutes a day, in just a few months youll be able to converse comfortably in French in a variety of everyday or professional situations. About the Assimit method : This revolutionary self-study method is based on the simple, effective principle of intuitive assimilation. This is the natural process through which we learn our first language. The methodology uses entertaining dialogues supported by brief explanatory notes and followed by review exercises to create an educational framework that will allow you to achieve a level of fluency almost effortlessly. 3 guarantees that the method is effective : 1 It has been proving its worth for over 85 years. 2 It truly allows a language to be learned in a few months. 3 It is based on a unique methodology borne out by cognitive science. Key features : Lively, practical dialogues. Realistic situations from everyday life. A carefully designed system of grammatical progression. Systematic revision to consolidate what youve learned. Fascinating cultural insights. A unique witty style that is tried and tested. Audio support to aid pronunciation. This pack contains : 1 book : 624 pages, 113 lessons. 4 audio CDs (3 hours 10 running time) recorded by French voice artists.



ISBN 9782700518139
AUTEUR Anthony Bulger
FICHIER French.pdf
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