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Cell biology

With a strong molecular focus and an unsurpassed original art program, CELL BIOLOGY presents the latest developments in the field, emphasizing the specific macromolecular interactions and their relation to cellular structure and function.Top into a first-rate, original art program with over 1,500 information-rich figures-drawn to molecular scale for unprecedented accuracy and clarity. Build a solid foundation-with a mechanism-based approach that uses a blend of genetics, microscopy, biochemistry and biophysics to explain clearly the molecular basis of basic cellular processes.Zero in on the fundamentals of cellular function based on an evolutionary perspective and experiments on organisms from all parts of the phylogenetic tree. Access relevant clinical examples that clearly depict how basic cell biology explains human disease and how human disease contributes to understanding cellular processes.With its outstanding art program, focus on the molecular basis of cellular function, and wealth of relevant clinical examples, this groundbreaking text offers a fresh, new approach to the subject !



ISBN 9780721639970
AUTEUR William-C Earnshaw
FICHIER Cell biology.pdf
DATE 05/03/2020

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